Great Customer Service, a very high quality product and reasonable prices have been my personal standard ever since I started in business, and my whole life. People buy from people, even in this age of the internet, and I am ALWAYS available to talk, to or even visit your facility in person. I am who I am, and that will never change. Of that I am proud.

I am Bob Metz, founder. I live in Germantown, Tennessee. I love Germantown, I love Tennessee, I love all the animals and most of all I LOVE America. I am a vet having served our country in the Army in 1969 and 1970 (Yes, I was drafted). I understand and appreciate everything our military members AND their families have sacrificed for our country. May God bless our military members and keep you and your families safe just as you are keeping us safe.

Help Us help the Animals. I am now, and always have been an animal lover. With your permission at checkout we will donate 5% of your order value, AT NO COST TO YOUR COMPANY, to two wonderful animal rescue organizations - Wings of Rescue and The Humane Society. Please allow us to help the helpless animals of the world. Thank you for your support.

Wings of Rescue:

Humane Society:

Thank you for your time today. May the world be good to you, and you to the world.

Thank You for the opportunity to be of service,

Bob Metz

Happiness does not depend on who you are, or what you have, It depends on how you think and what you think.

Life is Short... Live Happy

- Be Kind to all humans and animals
- Be Helpful to all humans and animals
- Be Grateful for what you have
- Smile Often at others
- Laugh Often, especially about yourself
- Make Choices that will make your mother proud

Do these few things and life will reward you with amazing joy and happiness.

Bob Metz