Do workplace safety banners reduce industrial injuries?

The answer is an irrefutable YES.

A safety banner that is properly designed by an experienced professional graphic designer, is a powerful and effective means of reducing on-the-job injuries and even death. A well-designed safety banner is substantially more impactful than a safety poster at reducing facility injuries, accidents and even deaths.

Industrial studies have shown that the proper use of industrial safety banners definitely have a very positive impact on improved facility safety reducing accidents and injury. There are many tools available to an industrial safety manager and safety coordinator. Overall, safety banners are at the top for the cost effectiveness scale at reducing accidents. In other words, safety banners give safety managers one of their biggest bangs for their buck.

Furthermore, a significant benefit of a safety banner is its continuing presence in the workers environment and their mind. All too often training fades and becomes less effective over time. A safety banner is visible to the workers their entire time at work. Unlike safety posters, a safety banner is large and highly visible to numerous workers in the workplace. A safety banner gets noticed by the employees.

An industrial safety banner demonstrates a company’s commitment to worker safety and a healthy workplace. An all too often fact that gets overlooked, is a safety banner improves a worker’s attitude towards work making them more productive and more valuable to the company.

We appreciate your taking your valuable time to understand the positive impact a workplace safety banner can have on an American industrial facility.

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