Forklift Safety Banners Help Prevent Forklift Accidents


forklift safety bannnerNearly every American industrial facility and warehouse facility uses forklifts, often a lot of forklifts. Unfortunately, almost every one of those facilities have had forklift accidents, often with pedestrians and sometimes fatal. Forklift safety banners help reduce forklift accidents and even forklift fatalities.

With over 1 million forklifts operating in the United States and 1.5 million truck operators, our country has become one of the largest forklift distributors in the world. Manufacturing, logistics and warehousing industries are growing each year which means even more forklifts in American industry.

Forklift safety banners are used by nearly every major industrial facility in the U.S. Safety Banners USA has the best, widest selection of forklift safety banners for American industry. From small sized to very large sizes, Safety Banners USA can meet your need.

Below are the most common causes of forklift accidents:

A. Poorly Trained Driver
A poorly trained driver might not know how to respond to a changing workplace. New inventory, obstacles and employees, or changes in floor gradient, can all cause problems for an inexperienced operator.

carry it low forklift safety bannerB. Speeding
Many drivers often become comfortable and drive irresponsibly. Traveling too fast on a forklift, just like a car, shortens a driver’s reaction time.

C. Operating a Forklift with an Elevated Load
This happens often. It is best to encourage drivers to carry loads as near to the ground as possible, approximately 5 inches from the floor.

Safety managers in America know Safety Banners USA is an the best choice to help your facility safety program improve its forklift safety program using forklift safety banners and forklift safety posters.

D. Improper Turning
Forklifts are designed to handle heavy loads. Without a load, forklifts are not necessarily the sturdiest of moving vehicles.

Turning a corner too fast can cause the lift to tilt to one side. The correct approach is to slow down well before the turn and maintain a gradual speed through the entire turn.

E. Insufficient Warnings and Markings
In industrial workplaces with both foot traffic and forklift traffic, it’s an absolute necessity to mark forklift and pedestrian zones. When people must walk through these zones on a regular basis, they know when to watch out for heavy machinery.

forklift safety banners no need for speedF. Giving Rides or Riding on the Forklift Load
This is a common case of irresponsible operation. Under no circumstances should a driver transport a worker on a forklift or on a forklift load.

G. Workplace Design

Here are a few tips for maintaining a safe area for forklift operation:

  • Remove all obstructions at doors and intersections.
  • Keep aisles uncluttered.
  • Keep traffic volume low in the work area.
  • Inform drivers of changing floor gradients and ramps.
  • Maintain a clean loading doc.

Safety Banners USA is an excellent choice to help your facility safety program improve forklift safety using forklift safety banners and forklift safety posters.


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