Forklift Safety Stickers and Labels for On Your Forklift Use


Forklift safety sticker Authorized Operators onlySafety Banners USA Ultra Durable Forklift Safety Stickers and labels used on your forklifts are a constant specific safety reminder to forklift operators and nearby personnel.


Forklifts are dangerous heavy equipment moving throughout your facility. Your employees need to use caution and be constantly reminded of safe forklift behavior. Forklift stickers and labels help you provide instructions about the proper conduct on and around a forklift.


Forklifts are an essential part of every industrial and warehouse facility. Unfortunately, they are also the most dangerous piece of equipment in many facilities. Each year there are 85 fatalities and 35,000 serious injuries due to forklift accidents. Forklift safety stickers and labels can help encourage safe forklift operation and facility personnel forklift safety at a very low cost. Safety Sticker on facility fforklift safety sticker custom designforklifts go a long way in helping improve your facility safety program



Safety Banners USA Forklift safety stickers and labels are made from Premium Industrial Quality Avery Vinyl Dura-Label™ material. The standard for American Industrial stickers and labels.


Plus, each Safety Banners USA Forklift Safety Sticker label is:


• 100% Waterproof


Forklift Safety Sticker Driver Sound horn when backing up• Has a Scratch Resistant Coating


• Tear, Scuff and Smudge Resistant


Has an opaquing layer to ensure it will completely coverup everything underneath. You don’t have to remove old stickers


Extra-strong permanent adhesive ensures a lasting attachment


• Fit for both inside and outside forklift truck use


Forklift safety sticker carry it lowSafety Banners USA forklift safety stickers come in a variety of messages, and we even offer free custom forklift safety sticker design. Plus, all of our forklift safety stickers are 100% guaranteed, just like all of Safety Banners USA products.


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Stay Safe and Stay Healthy,

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