Safety Banners & Posters are a Visual Safety Reminder

 Safety Banners and Safety Posters used in the industrial or warehouse workplace are highly effective reminder for workers to take necessary safety precautions as they work. Properly placed Safety Banners and Safety Posters Wear Your PPE safety banneralso inform facility visitors of the importance personal safety plays in their visit to your location workplace.


Since safety banners and safety posters are a visual safety reminder placement within thewear your safety glasses safety banner industrial or warehouse is important. Also, the size and viewing distance to the worker is important.


In this article we will discuss safety banner placement and size. Proper placement is critical to making sure the safety banner is an effective safety enhancement tool


Safety banners come in sizes from as small as one foot by 3 foot up to 20 foo by 40 foot or sometimes even larger. Obviously the smaller the banner the closer the worker must be to adequately see the banners message. Safety banners are large enough to be hung on walls or from structures in the facility. They do not need to be close to the worker like a safety poster. However, the do need to be placed where they can be easily seen by the worker, or the workers equipment like a forklift, without distracting or interfering with their work tasks. Often the best locations are on a wall at eye level to twelve feet of off the floor. Also hanging from the ceiling but down to a level where they will catch the workers eye.


SIZE DOES MATTER for a safety banner. If it the safety banner is too small in a cavernous area, it will barely be noticed. If the safety banner is too large in a small area it will be intrusive, and the workers will be irritated by it. Inspect Yout Ladder safety bannerGetting the correct size safety banner for a specific facility is not complicated but does take some forethought.


The proper banner size is easy to calculate. The formula is a simple ratio. You use the worker’s average viewing distance to the banner divided by the HEIGHT of the banner. You MUST use the banner height as most banners are not square, but rectangles. The ratio is  -  The worker’s average viewing distance to the banner divided by the banner’s height.


If the Result is GREATER THAN 40, the banner is not large enough for the space in which it is being used.


Example: A viewing distance of 120 feet divided by a banner height of 3 feet, is 120 ÷ 3 = 40. Example #2  = (90 feet ÷  3 feet = 30, and so on.


Lift with your legs safety bannerREMEMBER, If the Result is GREATER THAN 40, the banner is too small.


Thank you for your time to learn about how to properly use a safety banner in an American industrial facility.


Our next article will focus on how to properly use a safety poster in an American industrial facility.


Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.


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