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Thank You for working safely safety posterIn this article we will focus on industrial safety posters.


Safety Banners and Safety Posters used in the industrial or warehouse workplace are highly effective reminder for workers to take necessary safety precautions as they work. Properly placed Safety Banners and Safety Posters also inform facility visitors of the importance personal safety plays in their visit to your location workplace.


Since safety banners and safety posters are a visual safety reminder placement within the industrial or warehouse is important. Also, the size and viewing distance to the worker is important.


In this article we will discuss safety poster placement and size. Proper placement is important to making sure the safety poster is an effective safety enhancement and accident prevention tool.lift smart safetyposter


Because safety posters are small relative to safety banners, they can easily be placed at eye level at numerous positions around the facility or warehouse. However, because they are smaller, it is important to use several of them around your facility. Frequently, placing several of the same safety poster in different locations about the facility is an excellent way to bring attention to a particular safety issue, such as hand safety or team safety attitude.


Many, if not most industrial facilities are subject to conditions that would damage a standard poster, a safety poster MUST BE LAMINATED or printed on water and humidity proof material. In most cases industrial grade wall and cement block safety wall stickers meet this requirement. An industrial grade safety poster printed on industrial grade wall sticker material is easier to place as they will stick to almost anything, including cement block and are easily removable, even after years in place.Safety is as safety does safety poster


Safety posters should be placed at eye level where they can be easily seen by the largest number of people. Often, safety posters may be placed on doors that are ingress and egress from the facility or restroom doors or doors where several people will see them. Lunchroom and break-room areas are excellent locations and are seen by a large number of people.


Who do you work for safety posterSafety posters are also a low-cost alternative when budgets are tight. In most cases, a facility can purchase three or four safety posters for the price of one banner. However, in many cases three or four safety posters are not as effective as one safety banner. The advantage safety banners has is that they are large enough to a worker’s attract attention whereas safety posters are often not seen by the worker.


The key to using safety posters is to use them in several locations around your facility. When used in enough locations, safety posters can be an effective a safety reminder.


Stay Safe and stay healthy.


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