What are Safety Banners?

Safety banners are large, visually attractive banners used to convey important safety messages and safety work habits to workers in the American industrial workplace.

Safety banners are made from durable materials like nylon reinforced vinyl, or, if they are used on a fence line, mesh fence banner material so wind will pass through. High impact Safety Banners are always designed with vivid eye-catching graphics and bold, easy-to-read text as the safety banner is often viewed from a distance of 20 feet or more.

Two important factors in determining if a safety banner will be effective is how easy to read is the text and how eye-catching the safety banner graphics are. As all professional graphic designers know, the design must catch the worker’s eye first so the safety message can be read.

Safety banners are used to communicate a wide range of safety messages, such as warning people about potential hazards, reminding workers to follow safety protocols, or encouraging safe work for specific work hazards. They are often hung in high-traffic areas or other prominent locations to ensure that the safety message reaches the intended workers.

In an industrial setting, safety banners are be used to remind workers to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), follow lockout/tagout procedures, practice good housekeeping, to lift safely and numerous other safety work areas.

Overall, safety banners are an effective way to communicate important safety messages in a way that is visually engaging and easy to understand.


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