What is a Safety Banner for American Industry?

People often ask the question What is a Safety Banner for American Industry?

keep your hands out of pinch points safety bannerAn American workplace safety banner encourages all industrial workers to perform their work tasks in a safe manner, so they do not become injured or even killed while they are on the job. The most effective safety banners are designed by an experienced professional graphic designer for the specific purpose of getting the employee’s attention then reinforcing the work safely policies, practices and positive safety attitude of an American industrial facility.


In the consumer world, it does not work to just put a safety phrase on a banner and hope someone reads it and works safely. A safety banner has to be properly designed to be effective at promoting workplace safety.


In the industrial workplace world way too many safety banners are poorly designed by a non-graphic professional and do little more that waste valuable company resources and time while doing almost nothing to encourage worker safety. A properly designed effective safety banner has all the components of a professionally designed banner or retail display used to promote and sell products no spare parts hand safety safety bannerto consumers. The only difference is the industrial safety banner’s “product” is an employee working safely and not getting injured. 


Industrial safety managers and safety coordinators are highly trained and respected professionals in their field.  They, and the companies they work for, demand safety banners that are effective and make their employees feel good about working safely and at their company. When an employee feels that the company is concerned about them working safely, they tend to work in a safer manner. Several studies have verified that fact. Properly designed safety banners make employees feel better about their company and themselves and working  safely.


Most American companies go even further and use safety banners to encourage employee safety away from  the workplace to help encourage their employees be safe at home and while they are away from their workplace. No matter where an employee gets injured, it is always a tragedy. Every company wants their employees to be healthy, happy and uninjured. When a worker is injured it is always a sad day. That is why American companies are very proactive when it comes to workers performing their tasks in a safe manner.


American companies are by far and away the largest users of workplace safety banners in the entire world to improve a worker’s safety attitude and encouraging safe work. The vast majority of American companies care about their employees and do not want them injured at work or anywhere else. Safety Banners.USA is the leader in professionally designed, high-quality manufacturing of industrial grade workplace safety glofe use hand safety bannerbanners.


The next time somebody asks you “what is a safety banner for American industry?”, say a safety banner is a vinyl banner designed to encourage industrial workers to work safely at all times.


Thank You for taking the time to read this article about what a safety banner is and helping keep our American workers safe.




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