Motivational Safety Banners. YES They Work.

High quality, effective safety banners can be incredibly powerful safety motivators when the message is on target. Vibrant, visual safety messages remind employees that management insists safety comes first and all workers should use the safety skills they have learned in training, no matter the task.

Motivational safety bannersHere are 4 reasons why safety banners really do work.

1. Safety Banners Provide a Safety Message Quickly Consistent safety training, and ongoing refresher courses and on-the-job training are all crucial elements of your workplace facility safety program, but reinforcement is critical to maintaining a safe work environment throughout the year. Hanging safety banners in key places emphasize your most important safety messages quickly, when needed, every workday. Sharing safety concepts and best practices that workers have already heard, or been exposed to, is the best way to reinforce great safety habits on the job.

2. Safety Banners Prevent On-the-Job Incidents Location is important when you are considering where to place your safety banners. Hanging a safety banner that emphasizes a hazard, or safety concern in critical work areas gives workers easy reminders of vital information at the exact moment they need it. Informational safety banners should repeat ideas that employees have already been exposed to during safety training or a weekly safety meeting but can also be effective in conveying new and important safety ideas. When the work environment tends to get hectic or overwhelming, then safety banners become even more necessary.

3. Safety Banners Demonstrate the Organization’s Commitment to Safety Every organization should have a written safety policy that is communicated to all employees and reinforced throughout the year. On-boarding and annual safety training are great but finding innovative ways for management to demonstrate their continual commitment to safety is also absolutely necessary. Cultivating a safety-minded workforce can be accomplished by investing in high-quality design, highly effective safety banners. Using safety banners in multiple locations reinforces safety as a strong company value throughout the year. safety takes everyone motivational safety banner

4. Safety Banners Carry the Safety Message Outside of Work When safety is an organizational value it becomes absorbed into the day today environment of the workplace culture. The significance of safety doesn’t just stop when employees head home for the day. If safety is reinforced throughout the workday, with the help of safety banners, then employees are more likely to continue safe habits when working offsite, on the road, and even after they go home at the end of the workday. We all want our people to get home safely, but we also want them back the next day adding value to our organizations. Show your organization’s commitment to workplace safety by featuring an important safety banner with an important safety message as an elegant statement piece in your corporate office, conference room, lobby or meeting space. You can even hang safety banners in your warehouse, workshop, lab, break room or waiting area.

be smart motivational safety bannerStay Safe, Stay Healthy Stay Happy.
May the world be good to you, and you to the world

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